Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just finished setting into the office, checking email and what do I see? Lance Armstrong's NYC Marathon plan to run & finish within one hour of the race finisher, that would be at least 3:09:30 (Paul Tergat won last year in 2:09:30). Apparently he is running 6:30 minute miles, but hasn't run farther than 13 miles yet. If Lance runs this time as planned, he will be just a bit faster than men's qualifying times for the Boston Marathon 3:10 for 18-34 year olds.

Christy and I ran NYC last November. It was by far my most favorite marathon so far. The course was hilly and challenging, but the people in the five burroughs were amazing! I qualified into NYC again for 2006, but Christy got pregnant (she's almost 8 months now and won't be running any marathons in 2006) and the hubby didn't get in either (his 2nd lottery was denied). Since I have taken a break from marathons this year, the plan was defer my entry until 2007 where we would be able to run it together. Now, I am back on the run or not to run. It would be really cool to run the marathon - it would be even cooler to beat Lance Armstrong (not that I'm any shape to do that right now). Hmmm - still have a few more weeks before the cancellationg and deferral of entry deadline.

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