Sunday, December 30, 2007

Congrats to Arma on her running pregnancy and healthy birth of little boy December 8th 2007! Arma ran her way right past her due date of December 5th! Look how quickly she's bounced back.

December 30-Jan Weekly mileage: 25

12/30 Sun- 9 miles
12/31 Mon -cross train
1/ 1 Tue - rest day nursing leg/hip injury :o(
1/ 2 Wed- 45 minutes spin bike & cross training (chiro)
1/ 3 Thur - 7 miles intervals (physical therapy)
1/ 4 Fri - rest day
1/ 6 Sat -50 minutes zone 1, 20 minutes zone 2, 5 minutes cool down (9+ miles)

After my last week's long run I've developed tightness almost sciatica in my left hip/leg area. I have been forced to take a few days off from running. Going to chiropractor on Wednesday and hoping some deep tissue sports massage therapy will help get things loosened up and back in order. The countdown is on for the 1/2 marathon training run in Carslbad!

On a lighter note - here are some new pics - Baby is smiling all the time now!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 24-Jan Weekly mileage:
12/23 Sun- rest day
12/24 Mon -cross train
12/25 Tue - Merry Christmas!
12/26Wed- 4.5 miles
12/27 Thur - Rest Day
12/28 Fri - 7 miles Intervals
12/29 Sat - rest day (will do long run tomorrow)
Here's our Christmas workout (watch video).

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 16- 22 Weekly mileage:
12/16 Sun- rest day
12/17 Mon -cross train (still a little knee pain)
12/18 Tue - travel day
12/19Wed- Home for the Holidays!
12/20 Thur - 7.5 miles Intervals
12/21 Fri - rest day
12/22 Sat - 5 miles (had to cut run short - leg pain)

I took a few extra days off since I have been having some knee pain (running in the snow or my slip & fall on the ice or a combo of both are probably the culprit). I had a post pregnancy chiropractor visit also on monday which has helped realign all the parts!

We flew down to California to surprise my family for the holidays (they didn't think we had the baby's passport and therefore wouldn't be able to make it). We dressed baby up in a little red santa suit and put him on their doorstep, rang the doorbell and then hid. My mom answered the door to the biggest surprise! Photos coming soon. Christy and her family are driving up from Southern California today - can't wait for them to get up here. I can't wait for Christy to get here so I can get in a few runs with her this week. My last 2 weeks of solo running have become a bit monotonous and lonely!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Still Snowing!
December 9-December 14 Weekly mileage:

12/9 Sun- 6 miles
12/10 Mon -rest
12/11Tue - 4.25 miles 4x800s
12/13 Thur - 4.4 miles 2.5 miles tempo
12/14 Fri - cross train
12/8 Sat - 5.5 miles
Although it feels really great to run outside again, running in the snow is working me over! I have to run about .5 miles in the slippery slush until I get to the plowed streets that are free of snow.. I have been feeling a little knee pain after the tempo run last night. I think I'm going to stick to my treadmill until I find an entirely snow free route to run. I can't wait to get to California again so I can get in some good training in San Diego and along the American River trail again. I really miss that route and also the Lake Natomas Loop in Folsom! I am definitely feeling a bit stronger again with each run, but I have a long way to go! I am hoping to run a half marathon in January with Christy, so I've got to keep the training going!
This little guy has been waking up every 2 hours to eat so fatigue doesn't help the endurance and muscle recovery process either:

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tuesday morning run!
December 4, 2007

December 2-December 7 Weekly mileage: 19.5
12/2 Sun- rest day
12/3 Mon - 2 miles hills, 1 mile medium pace
12/4 Tue - 4.5 miles snow run
12/5 Wed- 2 miles tempo
12/6 Thur - rest day
12/7 Fri - 5.5 miles
12/8 Sat - rest day

Tuesday - today is the 4 week anniversary of baby delivery! It is also the day the doc said it would be ok to start running again! Yippee. Take a look at the photo - I had some rough conditions for my welcome back run. Running in the soft snow is a lot like running in sand only a bit more difficult as your feet slip and slide and you don't get the traction so it's almost like running on banana peels. It felt so good to be out on the road again in the fresh air.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to me!
Christmas came early this year. Came home from a friend's baby shower and look what was waiting in the basement for me!?! We decided to go for the home gym since the littlest member of the family presents a bit of a challenge right now, not to mention the 6" of snow and ice outside make training a little rough!

November 25-30 weeks old! Weekly mileage: 20 miles (treadmill)

11/25 Sun- 2 mile jog/walk treadmill, 10 minute cycle (lost 21 pounds to date)
11/26 Mon - 20 minutes hills treadmill, 20 minute spin bike, cross train
11/27 Tue -2 mile jog/walk treadmil, 20 minutes spin bike, cross train
11/28 Wed-30 minutes hill walk treadmill, 30 minutes spin bike, cross train
11/29 Thur -1 mile hills, 3 miles jog treadmill, cross train
11/30 Fri -rest day
12/1 Sat -Woke up to -24 wind chill temp - too chilly to take baby out for santa shuffle, so I shuffled out a 10k on the treadmill.

Broke in the treadmill and spin bike today! It felt good to jog slowly - I put in a couple slow miles alternating walks in between. Everything feels pretty good! This will help get off those extra baby pounds quicker!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

November 18-24 2 weeks old!
11/18 Sun- 1 mile jog/walk (weigh in.....lost 20 pounds since baby day!)
11/19 Mon - Rest Day
11/20 Tue - 3 mile trail walk with hills
11/21 Wed- yoga/stretching
11/22 Thur - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23 Fri - easy walk
11/24 Sat - easy walk
Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our precious son! He is a blessing to our family!
He is growing like a champ already! Mommy is recovering well and cannot wait to get clearance to start running again. (Doctor said only yoga and walking for now and that I could start jogging again at 4 weeks post partem). I did try a quick 1 mile jog on Sunday, but It was too soon and didn't quite feel right. The Doctor recommends a longer healing time for the pelvic floor so as to avoid any long term or permanent damage of the bladder, etc. He scared me into waiting a while longer! I am looking forward to stepping up the fitness program and starting my marathon training asap!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 12-19 (childbirth recovery week)
11/12 Sun- Baby's birthday celebration and Grandma & Grandpa Lynch's
11/13 Mon - Baby's first Pediatrician Visit
11/14 Tue - short walk
11/15 Wed- short walk
11/16 Thur - short walk
11/17 Fri -short walk
11/18 Sat -short walk

Baby Boy Lynch born at 10:02 p.m. Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
(just past his due date - 40 weeks and a few days gestation)

On Pregnancy Fitness:
On Pregnancy Fitness & Running:

Initially I thought running through the 9 months of pregnancy was going to be quite a challenge with the raging hormones, weight gain, and fatigue that comes with pregnancy. In actuality, continuing to run came quite naturally and helped my energy levels. While I was no longer racing in local events, I still participated. To be honest it was a new enjoyable race experience to simply run without a pace or goal in mind. I was thrilled just to be able to participate and continue running! It was even more fun to see and hear the reactions of other runners and spectators as they caught sight of my belly bump as I passed by. My pregnant running partner and I were astounded at the support and cheers we would get from other participants and the crowds on the sidelines.

It felt good to know I was taking care of my body and my baby! In hindsight, I definitely credit my running and exercise during pregnancy as the key factor in my healthy and complication-free pregnancy, delivery and now quick recovery. I was blessed with a quick complication-free labor and childbirth and a healthy 8 pound baby boy born at 40 weeks, 2 days!

Friday, November 09, 2007

November 4-10 (40 weeks)
11/4 Sun- 2 mile trail walk
11/5 Mon - 2 mile trail walk
11/6 Tue - Baby arrives! 10:02 p.m.

11/7 Wed - Toronto Hospital
11/8 Thu - Baby comes home!
11/9 Fri - Baby's first outing
11/10 Sat -Muskoka day trip with Sister Tami

The Baby Boy Arrival Story:

Woke up Thursday morning after a few days of increased regular braxton hicks contractions which increased my hopes that maybe it was getting close! I was starting to think baby was never going to make his appearance. Woke up Tuesday morning with regular contractions about 8 minutes apart. Woke up the hubby and my sister Tami who had arrived the night before from California and told him I thought it might be the real deal and that it was time to make the journey to Toronto. We were in the car on the hwy withing 20 minutes. I think he realized it was really getting serious when I told him "No, we didn't have time for Tim Hortons (coffee) stop on the way." Wouldn't you know we ran into morning rush hour traffic (at 9:00 a.m.!) heading to the city!! By now about 10 minutes into our hour long drive the contractions were getting closer - 6 minutes apart and starting to get uncomfortable. We were all silently starting to panic!

As we approached toronto, inching our way (painfully) through rush hour traffic, the contractions kept getting closer together, we were starting to think we might realize every pregnant woman's worse fear was about to happen....a vehicle birth! I tried to remain calm while hubby veered between lanes and took the shoulder of the hwy when available. It was getting hairy! By now contractions were about 4 minues apart. As we approached the city we were all in a state of panic as traffic was pretty standstill. We passed a police cruiser and hubby flipped a quick uturn, pulled over and waved him down. He was thrilled to see it was an old police buddy of his (how perfect!) Jamie quickly explained the situation "my wife's in labor and we have to get downtown to the hospital now" and minutes later we were in a full speed police escort (yes, lights and siren action) all the rest of the way to the hospital. I had to laugh (through the labor pains) at the comedy of it all. Who would have thought this story would end up this way - it was just like in the movies.

Minutes later we arrived at our hospital and made our way to labor and delivery. As soon as I checked in with triage and lay down, the contractions slowed down in frequency. I was convinced this day would end in yet another false labor and that the baby was just never coming! Luckily triage nurses confirmed I was indeed in labor and wanted me to walk around for a while to see if I could get contractions to pick up progress again. They told me, unless I was in a lot of pain, to go walking and check back in a few hours. What they didn't realize is that me and the baby had not only been walking, but running for the last 9 months and I wasn't convinced that this was going to change anything as far as progressing labor. After walking countless laps of the labor & delivery floor, we checked back in with triage. I was still having contractions, but they were only about 5 minutes apart still. I was convinced they were not going to admit us, but send us home. We were waiting in one of the triage exam rooms for the next exam when all of a sudden I felt a pop and a warm gush. I shouted to hubby to go get the nurse because my water had broken. By the look on our faces when the nurse walked in a confirmed my suspicion, you'd have think we had won the lottery! We were so excited since we realized that yes, we would be having a baby soon. (Ok - back to just like in the movies.) Of course immediately after the water broke I was back in intense labor with the contractions coming on stronger and longer by the minute...and I realized "oh my goodness, I am going to have a baby now". My smile was gone in minutes as the real painful contractions kicked in and realization of what I was about to do. Things moved right along and the pace definitely picked up. By 9:00 p.m. the doc announced it was time to push when I was ready, and 5-6 contractions or about 16 minutes later, baby boy finally made his appearance! Overall the whole labor process went perfectly, no complications or problems with mom or baby. Baby weighed 8 pounds and was born with more than a full head of hair! Wow! He is the love of our lives. We spent tuesday night & wednesday in the hospital and were thrilled to be released to come home yesterday.

More photos & videos coming soon!

Monday, October 29, 2007

October 28- (39weeks)
10/28 Sun- Niagara Falls Marathon, 1/2, 10k & 5k
10/29 Mon - 3.5 mile trail walk
10/30 Tue - 3 mile trail walk
10/31 Wed - rest day
11/1 Thu - Baby's due date
11/2 Fri - toronto
11/3 Sat - 3 mile trail walk

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 21- October 29 (38weeks)
10/21 Sun- 10k trail walk
10/22 Mon -5k walk
10/23 Tue -rest day
10/24 Wed -5k walk
10/25 Thu -5k walk
10/26 Fri -5k walk
10/27 Sat -2 miles

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 7- October 13 (37 weeks)
10/14 Sun- Toronto International Marathon 5k (28:42)
10/15 Mon - Rest day - 2 mile walk
10/16 Tue - 3 miles run
10/17 Wed -3 miles run/walk
10/18 Thu - rest day
10/19 Fri - 4 miles walk
10/20 Sat - rest day

Here's the 37 week belly bump shot! (Double click to expand)
Baby is considered full term now!
I can feel that he is dropping a bit, there is a lot more weight on my lower abdomen/pelvic region and I can feel a bit of pulling in my lower ligaments when I walk and jog, but I'm still trying to keep up the daily workouts whether it's a few mile jog, trail hike or even just a walk. It feels good to still be active and I'm told by a lot of physicians, nurses, midwifes, etc. that my active and fitness levels will pay off in an easier delivery and quicker recovery! I hope they are right!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7- October 13 (36 weeks)
10/7 Sun - 3 mile run
10/8 Mon - Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
10/9 Tue - 3 mile trail jog/walk
10/10 Wed -rest day
10/11 Thu - 3 mile jog/walk
10/12 Fri - Toronto International Marathon Expo
10/13 Sat -Toronto International Marathon Expo
10/14 Sun- Toronto International Marathon 5k (28:42)

Monday, October 01, 2007

September 30- October (35 weeks)
9/23 Sun - Toronto Waterfront Marathon - 5k run 29:00
9/10 Mon - rest day
9/11 Tue - 3 miles
9/12 Wed -3 miles
9/13 Thu - 3 miles trail run/walk
9/14 Fri -rest day
9/15 Sat -rest day
Arma and I at the start of the 5k at Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It was a beautiful day in Toronto, cool, sunny & not as windy as last year. A lot of people are very surprised to see us still running through our pregnancies, I am now 35 weeks, and arma is 31 weeks! It's a lot of fun to see people's reactions and hear the cheering from the sidelines. Running Mommies do get a lot of extra support!

Aside from feeling much more front & top heavy, it still feels great to be out there getting some exercise and participating in this great race event. It was great to see all the ladies out in the skirts enjoying the 5k, half marathon and full maraton! Race footage coming soon!

Mid pack at the 5k start!
On to the race news! A Canadian marathon record was made today by John Kelai
won the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Sunday in 2:09:30, the fastest marathon ever run in Canada! He passed last years champ Daniel Rono, a few hundred meters from the finish line.Rono ended up coming in second with 2:09:36

Danny Kassap of Toronto was the first Canadian in 2:17:20.
Asha Gigi of Ethiopia won the women's race hands down in 2:33:16, also course record for women & Lisa Harvey of Calgary came in first Canadian women in 2:48:46!

For the first time I witness the Joggler in action - with his record finish - all while jogging. I think it should be called "sproggling" not "joggling (juggling & jogging). He is after all running sub 3 hour marathons!

Check out the race day footage:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23- September 29
9/23 Sun - 3 miles Baby Shower!
9/10 Mon -3 miles
9/11 Tue - rest day
9/12 Wed - 3 miles
9/13 Thu -cross train
9/14 Fri -Scotiabank Marathon Expo
9/15 Sat -Scotiabank Maraton Expo

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 16 - September 8 (33 weeks)
9/16 Sun - Golf (2nd WeddingAnniversary!)
9/17 Mon -rest day
9/18 Tue - 3 miles
9/19 Wed - 3 miles
9/20 Thu -rest day
9/21 Fri - 3 miles jog/walk
9/22 Sat -cross train
Still running (slow jogging) about 3 miles or so at a time. I feel great & am counting down the days until the little guy makes his appearance. Golf game on Sunday was great - I find the extra weight seems to be helping me pack a bit more power into my driving! haha - the putting is a little tough though since I have to bend over pretty far at the waist to see the ball! I lost sight of my feet (and other parts) several weeks ago. It's all an adventure and I'm loving every minute of it!

Monday, September 10, 2007

September 9 - September 8 (32 weeks)
9/9 Sun - Golf
9/10 Mon -3 miles
9/11 Tue - 3 miles
9/12 Wed -2 miles + cross training
9/13 Thu -rest day
9/14 Fri -3 miles
9/15 Sat -4 miles

Sunday, September 02, 2007

September 2 - September 8 (31 weeks)
9/2 Sun - rest day
9/3 Mon -cross train
9/4 Tue -4 miles
9/5 Wed -rest day
9/6 Thu - 3 miles
9/7 Fri - rest day
9/8 Sat - 3 miles

Monday, August 27, 2007

August 26-August 31 (30 weeks)
8/19 Sun - Quebec City Marathon - 10k
8/20 Mon -rest day
8/21 Tue - cross training
8/22 Wed -2 miles easy
8/23 Thu -rest day
8/24 Fri -cross train
8/25 Sat -

Me with Val (sister in law) post race. Val ran a great 1/2 for such a hilly course and warm day. Congrats on her 3rd place victory!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 12-August 25 (29 weeks)
8/19 Sun - AFC Half 1/2 Marathon 4 miles
8/20 Mon -travel day
8/21 Tue - cross train
8/22 Wed -4 miles
8/23 Thu - Quebec City
8/24 Fri - Quebec City Marathon Expo
8/25 Sat - Quebec City Marathon Expo

Photo taken after jogging from the finish & meeting Christy at the bottom of the hill about 1.5 miles out. The heat didn't help getting up that neverending uphill finish, but Christy was still smiling at the finish!

Congrats to all the finishers of the AFC Half Marathon - Americas Finest City Half Marathon & 5k
A great course in a beautiful city!

Monday, August 13, 2007

August 12-August 1 (28 weeks)
8/12 Sun - Rest Day
8/13 Mon -Birthday Boot Camp
8/14 Tue -3 miles
8/15 Wed -boot camp
8/16 Thu -3 miles
8/17 Fri - rest day
8/18 Sat - rest day

Monday, August 06, 2007

August 5-August 11 (27 weeks)
8/5 Sun - Muskoka Rocks 10k
8/6 Mon -4.5 miles
8/7 Tue - San Diego 3 miles
8/8 Wed -boot camp
8/9 Thu -rest day
8/10 Fri -Sacramento
8/11 Sat -Susan B Anthony 5k 24:24

Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 29-August 4 (26 weeks)
7/29 Sun - Beaches Jazz 10k
7/30 Mon -rest day
7/31 Tue -4 miles
8/ 1 Wed -cross train
8/ 2 Thu -4 miles
8/ 3 Fri - golf day
8/ 4 Sat -golf day
Cindy & Arma at the Toronto Beaches Jazz 10k

It was a very warm day! I stopped to take walk/water breaks at 2k, 5k and 8k, and doused myself with water to help keep cool. Finishing time, just under one hour.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 22-July 27 (25 weeks)
7/22 Sun - Rest Day
7/23 Mon - 4 miles easy
7/24 Tue - Golf Tournament
7/25 Wed - cross train
7/26 Thu - 3 miles
7/27 Fri - 5 miles
7/28 Sat - rest
7/29 Sun - Beaches Jazz 10k

Cindy, Dina, Mom-E & Carroll

Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 15-July (24 weeks pregnant)
7/15 Sun - 7.5 miles
7/16 Mon - Rest Day
7/17 Tue -
7/18 Wed - 3 mile trail run & cross training
7/19 Thu - Chicago
7/20 Fri - 5 miles & cross training
7/21 Sat - cross training

Monday, July 09, 2007

July 7-July 13 (23 weeks pregnant)
Total Mileage: 20.2
7/8 Sun -Calgary Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k - 10k 53:00 minutes
7/9 Mon - Rest Day
7/10 Tue - 3 miles easy
7/11 Wed -4 miles easy
7/12 Thu -Cross Train
7/13 Fri - 7 miles easy
7/14 Sat- Kincardine Womens Triathlon

Monday, July 02, 2007

July 1-July 7 (22 weeks pregnant)
7/1 Sun - HBC Run for Canada 10k Toronto
Race Baby's 3rd race!
53:57 one porta pottie stop, 2 walk breaks through water stops & 1 sprint at finish line to porta potty :o)
7/2 Mon - Rest Day
7/3 Tue - Golf Day!
7/4 Wed -3 miles easy
7/5 Thu - Travel to Calgary
7/6 Fri - Calgary Marathon Fitness Expo
7/7 Sat- Calgary Marathon Fitness Expo

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pregnancy Running & Workout Log

I've had a lot of questions about my training during pregnancy, so I thought I'd start a journal of my workouts to share with other fit mommies out there. I am hoping to continue running throughout my pregnancy!

June 24-June 30(21 weeks pregnant)
6/24 Sun - Cross Training (bicep curls, pushups, deadlifts, shoulder press, seated row, s quats with medicine ball, rotation arm on medicine ball pushups, bridges with reversing leg lifts)
6/25 Mon - Rest Day
6/26 Tue - 4 miles easy pace 9:30-10:00 min. miles (very hot)
6/27 Wed - 3 miles cross training (dips, pushups, lunges, standing squats)
6/28 Thu - 4 miles easy average pace 9:20
6/29 Fri - cross training - "Golf Day"
6/30 Sat-
7/1 Sun - Canada Day 10k race

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 17-23 (20 weeks) 28 MILES It's a Boy!
6/18 Monday - 3 miles easy
6/19 Tuesday - 5.5 miles avg pace 10:00
6/20Wednesday - 4 miles
6/21Thursday - 5.5 miles avg pace 9:52
6/22 Friday - boot camp run 3 miles with cross training stops
6/23 Saturday - 7 miles easy long run

June 10-16 (19 weeks) 19.12 MILES

6/10 boot camp x-train 2 miles
6/11 4 miles easy
6/12 rest day
6/13 3 miles easy
6/15 4.12 miles 9:15 pace
6/16 6 miles 9:45 pace

June 3-9 (18 weeks) 12.1 MILES
6/3 sun - rest day
6/4 mon - boot camp xtrain 2miles
6/5 tue - rest day
6/6 wed - boot camp xtrain
6/7 thu -4 miles 9:45 pace
6/9 sat - 6.1 miles 9:40 pace

San Diego Rock n Roll Expo
May 27-June 2 (17 weeks) 12 MILES
5/27 mon - 3 miles easy

5/28 tue - 3 miles 9:50 pace
5/31 thu - 6 miles 9:49 pace
6/1 rock and roll marathon weekend

May 20-26 (16 weeks)18.31 MILES
5/20 sun - 3 miles 10:00 pace
5/21 mon - 6 miles 9:59 pace
5/23 wed - 3 miles easy
5/26 tue - 6.31 miles 9:56 pace (Ottawa 10k)

May 13-19 (15 weeks) 11.6 MILES
5/13 sun - Mississauga marathon (watched)
5/16 wed - 3 miles 10:00 pace
5/18 fri - 4.1 miles 10:40 pace
5/19 sat - 4.5 miles 11:00 pace

Christy with the girls after her half marathon mothers day run! Special thanks to "Marathon Madison" and Avi for coining our latest slogans!

May 6-12 (14 weeks) 9 MILES

5/7 mon - 3 miles easy
5/9 wed - 3 miles avg pace 10:38
5/10 thu - 3 miles avg pace 10:40
(missisauga marathon weekend)

Cindy & Ed Whitlock at Sudbury Rocks Marathon & 10k

April 29-May 5 (13 weeks) 12.25 MILES

4/30 mon - 5.25 miles 9:27 pace
5/2 wed - 3 miles easy
5/5 sat - 4 miles easy
5/6 sudbury rocks marathon weekend

Me with the Spring into Action Physio 5k Race Winner!

April 22-28 (12 weeks) 12.1 MILES

4/16 3 miles easy walk/run
4/18 3 miles easy walk/run
4/20 3 miles easy
4/28 3.1 miles race

(First trimester I took off from running, did stationary bike, light weighlifting, walking, etc. 3x week).

Breaking the News about our little "bun in the oven" to all our Family on Jamie's birthday!

Friday, February 23, 2007

It's official.....we are pregnant! I was on the treadmill in Chicago this morning and noticed I was really huffing and puffing and hardly going fast at all. That was my first clue that we might have hit the target! A quick store test proved me correct - it was +++