Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 16 - September 8 (33 weeks)
9/16 Sun - Golf (2nd WeddingAnniversary!)
9/17 Mon -rest day
9/18 Tue - 3 miles
9/19 Wed - 3 miles
9/20 Thu -rest day
9/21 Fri - 3 miles jog/walk
9/22 Sat -cross train
Still running (slow jogging) about 3 miles or so at a time. I feel great & am counting down the days until the little guy makes his appearance. Golf game on Sunday was great - I find the extra weight seems to be helping me pack a bit more power into my driving! haha - the putting is a little tough though since I have to bend over pretty far at the waist to see the ball! I lost sight of my feet (and other parts) several weeks ago. It's all an adventure and I'm loving every minute of it!

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GB said...

You look so great at 33 weeks! You will have NOOOO problem getting rid of any baby weight after the baby comes.

And congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. So many wonderful things happening in your life!

I added you to my hot diggity blog list. :)