Monday, April 28, 2008

April 27- May 3 Weekly mileage:
4/28 Sun- 12k (2k fun run with stoller - see photo) & 10k race
4/29 Mon - rest day (believe it or not - I think the ribs are feeling better today!)
4/30 Tue -
5/1 Wed - 5 mile run w/ a few 600 repeats - right hamstring sore from race
5/2 Thur - recovery day
5/3 Fri -
5/4 Sat - Sudbury Marathon Expo

After 2 weeks of practically no running (or any exercise for that matter) due to the fractured rib injury, I broke the spell with a 10k race yesterday. We were at the Huronia Half Marathon and 10k event in Midland, Ontario on Sunday. (I was initially registered for the Half Marathon.) When we arrived and set up the skirt headquarters at the finish line, I was going crazy watching all the pre-race preparations by all the runners. I decided to pick up my bib number and change my entry to the 10k instead of the half marathon. I figured if the ribs hurt too bad, I could walk my way through a 10k...and get some exercise.

Before I hopped on the bus that took us to the 10k start line, I pushed baby bear through the 2k "kids fun run" in the stroller. This was my way to test the waters with the ribs & running and also get the baby a lot of nap-inducing fresh air. The 2k was even hilly - I can't believe all those little kids ran the whole way up & down the hill. At first baby looked up at me from the comfort of his stroller like I was nuts as if he were saying "Mommy - what are you doing?" was the look on his face. (I normally walk with him in the stroller). After the first kilometer he found it quite entertaining and busted up in fits of giggles especially as we ran over the speed bumps with the stroller. We made it to the finish line - ribs intact and off I went to catch the bus. The hubby send me along with a good luck kiss and kind of shook his head in disbelief (he has listened to me moan and groan in pain the last 2 weeks).

I found running the 10k was no more painful that walking around and my day to day activities (which have been quite restricted). I was breathing deeper during the race with brought a bit more pain, but then the adrenaline kicked in and I was plodding along. I had no idea how fast I was running and how far I had gone. I had purposely left my garmin and ipod at home so that I wouldn't be tempted to run once I got to the race and risk prolonging the injury. Obviously, that strategy didn't work either. The 10k course through Midland and along the waterfront was quite hilly and I definitely realized I had started too fast with about 4k to go. Thankfully the bike pacer volunteer who showed up next to me was kind enough to point me in the right direction of the course, let me know I had about 4k to go and share his water bottle with me. I managed to hold my pace (I think) until the last kilometer when I started to fall apart. I finished in 43 minutes and change, with all my parts in place.....and the little shiny trophy for my victory was the icing on the cake. I am hoping to get back to some moderate training this week. Race Wrap up: The Huronia Half marathon and 10k race is a really great event in the small community of Midland, Ontario. It is beautiful there with the rolling hills and lakes, I highly recommend it! I'm not sure if I heard the announcer correctly, but I think it was the 25th year this race was held. It was known for it's "chicken" prizes. It is sponsored by a local meat company and each year some lucky winners receive boxes of frozen chicken.

Friday, April 25, 2008

(Before Haircut)

Since I have been sidelined with a recent injury - I will bore you all with non-running entries. Today was baby's first haircut!

OK - I'm trying to have a sense of humor about this. We took baby to the hubby's first barber in Toronto this morning (it was sentimental for him to have the baby's first haircut where he grew up getting his cut).

I was also feeling guilty because the poor little guys hair has been in his eyes and he's been rubbing his eyes a bit lately. It was time! Before we got started I clearly informed the barber that we just want to trim the bangs slightly they way that they were so that they weren't in his eyes anymore.

So we show up at this barber shop - 3 old-school Italian barbers - see photos. Before I could say "mamma mia" they had a drape wrapped around me and baby (while standing) and started spraying us down with a water squirt bottle. Next thing I knew the scissors were flying and oh my gosh - look what they did to my little baby! My mom could have done a better job with her "bowl" and sewing scissors (sorry mom) definitely would have produced a better outcome. Needless to say we left with a "hat" on. I am trying not to be mad at the hubby for insisting we use his barber! It was a very sentimental moment for him (this barber cut his hair for the first time). Hello!! Hubby is 38 now - which means his barber is probably 130 now and blind as a bat....just kidding. They (barbers) all were very sweet and quite loved them all!

I'm thinking I am going to have to "style" him tomorrow with some of daddy's hair products.

p.s. you tube video coming tomorrow

(isn't "after" supposed to be better than "before")

(baby trying to hide himself!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

April 20- April 26 Weekly mileage:
4/20 Sun- 4 mile walk
4/21 Mon - Go Boston Runners!
4/22 Tue - 5k (ouch!)
4/23 Wed -
4/24 Thur -
4/25 Fri -
4/26 Sat -
Tuesday - The rib pain has gotten progressively worse over the weekend despite my r&r. I decided to test the waters on a short 5k run to see how it felt. The thought that if it was manageable, I might still be able to squeeze in the 20 miler for the upcoming marathon in May I want to run. Ouch Ouch Ouch....each footfall brought on a knife-stabbing pain in my chest. It was the longest 5k ever. My legs felt great in the nice warm sunny weather, but oh my - I've got some more rib-repair work to happen before a long run takes place. Bummer. If anyone out there has advice on recovering or training through rib injuries, please let me know!

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 13- April 19 Weekly mileage:
4/13 Sun- travel day
4/14 Mon - rest day - everything is sore from snowboarding!
4/15 Tue -6.5 miles moderate
4/16 Wed - rest day (ouch!) sore ribs
4/17 Thur - 1.5 miles trail run (I thought the softer terrain of the trail would be easier on the ribs...not so much)
4/18 Fri - recuperate day
4/19 Sat -recuperate day

Home from the week in Whistler. We were lucky to get a few beautiful days weather out there to wrap up the trip. I realized squeezing in my training runs and snowboarding wasn't realistic. After a few hours of boarding (falling over and over and over again) my whole body was worked. The hubby joked that I was getting a better workout boarding anyway- similar to doing say 100 dips and 200 pushups and 300 squats. So I took the last few days of the week off from running and simply enjoyed the mountain and worked on my snowboarding skills. All in all it went well until the grand "splat". I would explain it to you, but I'm not sure how it all happened - one minute I was cruising along down the hill and the next I was face down whimpering "ouch" "ouch". I am now nursing some (hopefully only bruised) ribs. Who am I kidding? my whole body is sore, but the rib thing kinda sucks. I'm planning a run for this afternoon, hopefully it doesn't slow me down.

Thursday - OK -so I have pretty much concluded that my ribs are more than bruised. The pain seems to be getting worse instead of better. I'm guessing they are fractured/cracked/broken. I can feel the pain with each breath in my right rib cage, kind of feels like a bad side stitch when running. I think I'm gonna take a few days off to let the swelling go down and hopefully start healing. I am so bummed since I"m supposed to be doing my last long run before the marathon in May! I'll take thursday and friday off and see how it goes on Saturday.

Good luck to all you Boston runners this weekend, Val & friends from the Canada police team, Glorybelle, PCN Racers and all the other "skirts" running! I will send you my energy and follow your progress on Marathon Monday!

I've got some great photos of the Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival and the Big Air competition. It was amazing - I'll get them up soon!

Monday, April 07, 2008

(fire & ice show Whistler)

April 6- April 6 Weekly mileage:
4/6 Sun- travel day
4/7 Mon - 7.5 miles easy
4/8 Tue - 8 miles moderate Whistler golf course loop x2
4/9 Wed - cross train
4/10 Thur - cross train (snowboarding)
4/11 Fri - rest day (ouch)
4/12 Sat - Cross Train (snowboarding)
Tuesday -
Sunday -We just arrived in Whistler. I have been asking around for any snow-free running routes since I need to ramp back up in training and hopefully get in a few interval and speed workouts. Not a lot of snow free ground here still, but I did get a few suggestions from a local runner: The Whistler golf course loop and West Side Road. We are staying right at the base of Whistler in the village as I type this I am watching the gondola go up the mountain with the first of the fresh tracks go-getters. It is snowing and absolutely gorgeous out there! If there are any great snow-free runs in the village that anyone knows of, please comment!

I did bring my boarding gear and plan to get up there with the hubby and pick up where I left off with my skills last year when I got pregnant. My husband and I always jest that it was one of my face plant falls last year that lodged the fertilized egg firmly into place for me. A week after my first few snowboarding attempts, we got a positive pregnancy test. Snowboarding and Skiing are 2 of the activities you can't do when you are pregnant (or at least highly discouraged).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

While I was pregnant I did a lot of research on jogging strollers. After discussing whether this was a must-have with Christy, she convinced me that unless you get a good fit, she didn't recommend it for training. She found that most of the jog stollers weren't adjustable to the proper height for her and her form suffered as she found herself running hunched over and uncomfortable. Plus - she emphasized her running time was her personal escape and decompression time and she cherished these solo moments. She convinced me! But now, I find myself wishing I had a jog stroller so I could take advantage of those beautiful spring days and take the baby out for a stroll instead of going out for my run at the crack of dawn or when the hubby returns from the city at night. So if any of you fellow running mummies can recommend a good jog stroller with adjustable height handlebars for taller runners - please let me know.

I did take the bugaboo stroller out for a test drive. It was ok for a short jog, but it took a bit more effort to keep on track and steer. Here's a few photos. As you can see, baby is lovin the jog stroller idea!

This beautiful hat and blanket set were handmade by one our skirt customers - how sweet is that! Thanks Carlene!