Friday, April 25, 2008

(Before Haircut)

Since I have been sidelined with a recent injury - I will bore you all with non-running entries. Today was baby's first haircut!

OK - I'm trying to have a sense of humor about this. We took baby to the hubby's first barber in Toronto this morning (it was sentimental for him to have the baby's first haircut where he grew up getting his cut).

I was also feeling guilty because the poor little guys hair has been in his eyes and he's been rubbing his eyes a bit lately. It was time! Before we got started I clearly informed the barber that we just want to trim the bangs slightly they way that they were so that they weren't in his eyes anymore.

So we show up at this barber shop - 3 old-school Italian barbers - see photos. Before I could say "mamma mia" they had a drape wrapped around me and baby (while standing) and started spraying us down with a water squirt bottle. Next thing I knew the scissors were flying and oh my gosh - look what they did to my little baby! My mom could have done a better job with her "bowl" and sewing scissors (sorry mom) definitely would have produced a better outcome. Needless to say we left with a "hat" on. I am trying not to be mad at the hubby for insisting we use his barber! It was a very sentimental moment for him (this barber cut his hair for the first time). Hello!! Hubby is 38 now - which means his barber is probably 130 now and blind as a bat....just kidding. They (barbers) all were very sweet and quite loved them all!

I'm thinking I am going to have to "style" him tomorrow with some of daddy's hair products.

p.s. you tube video coming tomorrow

(isn't "after" supposed to be better than "before")

(baby trying to hide himself!)

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GB said...

OMG, he is SOOOOOOOO cute! Great pics!