Monday, April 21, 2008

April 20- April 26 Weekly mileage:
4/20 Sun- 4 mile walk
4/21 Mon - Go Boston Runners!
4/22 Tue - 5k (ouch!)
4/23 Wed -
4/24 Thur -
4/25 Fri -
4/26 Sat -
Tuesday - The rib pain has gotten progressively worse over the weekend despite my r&r. I decided to test the waters on a short 5k run to see how it felt. The thought that if it was manageable, I might still be able to squeeze in the 20 miler for the upcoming marathon in May I want to run. Ouch Ouch Ouch....each footfall brought on a knife-stabbing pain in my chest. It was the longest 5k ever. My legs felt great in the nice warm sunny weather, but oh my - I've got some more rib-repair work to happen before a long run takes place. Bummer. If anyone out there has advice on recovering or training through rib injuries, please let me know!

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Lozzie said...

Hi Cindy:
I haven't had a rib injury before, but last month I really hurt my shoulder doing a free-weight exercise (which I later found was one of the 'no-no' moves when lifting weights) and ended up having to take 2 weeks off lifting. Hope that you feel better soon! Thanks for your blog - you son is so cute, and your experiences running during your pregnancy and afterwards are really inspiring!