Monday, April 07, 2008

(fire & ice show Whistler)

April 6- April 6 Weekly mileage:
4/6 Sun- travel day
4/7 Mon - 7.5 miles easy
4/8 Tue - 8 miles moderate Whistler golf course loop x2
4/9 Wed - cross train
4/10 Thur - cross train (snowboarding)
4/11 Fri - rest day (ouch)
4/12 Sat - Cross Train (snowboarding)
Tuesday -
Sunday -We just arrived in Whistler. I have been asking around for any snow-free running routes since I need to ramp back up in training and hopefully get in a few interval and speed workouts. Not a lot of snow free ground here still, but I did get a few suggestions from a local runner: The Whistler golf course loop and West Side Road. We are staying right at the base of Whistler in the village as I type this I am watching the gondola go up the mountain with the first of the fresh tracks go-getters. It is snowing and absolutely gorgeous out there! If there are any great snow-free runs in the village that anyone knows of, please comment!

I did bring my boarding gear and plan to get up there with the hubby and pick up where I left off with my skills last year when I got pregnant. My husband and I always jest that it was one of my face plant falls last year that lodged the fertilized egg firmly into place for me. A week after my first few snowboarding attempts, we got a positive pregnancy test. Snowboarding and Skiing are 2 of the activities you can't do when you are pregnant (or at least highly discouraged).

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