Tuesday, April 01, 2008

While I was pregnant I did a lot of research on jogging strollers. After discussing whether this was a must-have with Christy, she convinced me that unless you get a good fit, she didn't recommend it for training. She found that most of the jog stollers weren't adjustable to the proper height for her and her form suffered as she found herself running hunched over and uncomfortable. Plus - she emphasized her running time was her personal escape and decompression time and she cherished these solo moments. She convinced me! But now, I find myself wishing I had a jog stroller so I could take advantage of those beautiful spring days and take the baby out for a stroll instead of going out for my run at the crack of dawn or when the hubby returns from the city at night. So if any of you fellow running mummies can recommend a good jog stroller with adjustable height handlebars for taller runners - please let me know.

I did take the bugaboo stroller out for a test drive. It was ok for a short jog, but it took a bit more effort to keep on track and steer. Here's a few photos. As you can see, baby is lovin the jog stroller idea!

This beautiful hat and blanket set were handmade by one our skirt customers - how sweet is that! Thanks Carlene!

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GB said...

I've had the best luck with my BOB Ironman single jogging stroller. I've been using it with my little guy since he was about 4 months and he's now 28 months. It's still in awesome shape, like new (except all the sippy cup leak stains on the canopy). We bought the cup holder add on as well as the rain cover. Trust me, I'd rather not train with the toddler, but I will push him in the jogging stroller if it means I don't miss a training run. I've pushed him for hard runs including tempo miles and 800s, and I've pushed him for a 20-miler (with a few minutes of breaks along the way so he could stretch his legs). It was a great investment!