Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27 - February 3 Weekly mileage: 35.85
1/27 Sun- rest day
1/28 Mon - treadmill workout 7.75 miles
1/29 Tue - easy run 8 miles
1/30 Wed- strength train
1/31 Thur - 6.9 miles zones 1 & 3
2/1 Fri - Surf City Marathon Expo
2/2 Sat - Surf City Marathon Expo
Sunday - Surf City Half Marathon Huntington Beach

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carlsbad Half
Go Chargers! Watch Video

January 20 - January Weekly mileage: 36.25

1/20 Sun- Carlsbad Half Marathon 13.1
1/21 Mon -rest day
1/22 Tue -4 miles easy
1/23 Wed-cross train
1/24 Thur -4 miles easy
1/25 Fri -7 miles intervals
1/26 Sat - 8.25 miles

Sunday - today was the Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon. It was a little chilly at the start, but sunny. The half marathon started with a bit of a hill climb (the entire course traverses rolling hills along the coastline in Carlsbad) so we warmed up quickly. Christy and I ran together and had a great time. We were representin' the Chargers before the big playoff game in our navy yellow skirts. We made a point to do a double fist pump along with a "woohoo" everytime someone from the crowd yelled "go chargers!". It was a great run - lots of fun!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13 - January 20 Weekly mileage: 25
1/13 Sun- Long Run 10.5 miles
1/14 Mon - Hill Repeats (chiro/physio)
1/15 Tue - Rest day
1/16 Wed- Cross Train / easy run 5.25
1/17 Thur -Treadmill Workout - Intervals 5.00
1/18 Fri - Carlsbad Marathon Expo
1/19 Sat - Keebler Marathon Mile & Carlsbad Marathon Expo - 1 mile

Saturday a.m.- Today was the Keebler Marathon Mile at Legoland in Carlsbad. We had a team of "mini skirts" little girls running the mile race in their skirt gear. This is a huge running event for kids and families. There were several different heats for each year age & the mile course ran in around and out of legoland. Christy & I pushed the boys in the strollers, and it was pretty tough! I have a whole new respect for all those moms and dads that marathon with strollers. (Of course it probably helps to be properly equipped. I was pushing the bugaboo, not a jog stroller.

Monday a.m. - woke up to about 6" of the white stuff....It's baaaaack! I will not be doing my hill repeats today. Bummer! After yesterdays long run, my quads are just as sore as they were the day after Boston Marathon. Something's just not right! I honestly thought returning marathon training after childbirth would go so much smoother. I was gun-ho & ready to join the starting line of any boston qualifier this winter.....unfortunately my hips, pelvis and legs have really been slow at joining the rest of me. As for today's hills, I think I'll save that workout for when I arrive in San Diego (temp yesterday 73 degrees).

On a optimistic note, I have arranged a consultation with a CHEK Institute Trainer (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) in Carlsbad. He has been helping Christy get her running back on track and more importantly stay injury free along the way! After my telephone consultation and initial interview with the trainer about my health, goals & current challenges, I immediately received a follow up email along with a comprehensive 7 page health questionnaire and 7 day food and sleep diary to be completed before my initial evaluation. Wow! This guy means business - I'm so excited to get his advice & assessment!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's been a long time coming. Running Skirts new website is live! Check out our running bride pictures from the Las Vegas Marathon! We are also introducing our new Maternity Fitness skirt for spring the "fit momma skirt" .Still more videos and features to come.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

January 6 - January Weekly mileage: 25
1/ 6 Sun- Rest
1/ 7 Mon - Extra rest day
1/ 8 Tue - Sprint workout (6.75 miles)
1/ 9 Wed- cross train (chiroprator day) easy run
1/10Thur -Treadmill Workout - Intervals 7.25 miles
1/11 Fri - Rest
1/12 Sat - Long Run (sunday)

Tuesday - It was significantly warmer today - the snow is melting! I was hoping to jog over to the local high school track for a REAL track workout. After slogging my way through the slush and mud I arrived at the track to find it was no longer covered in snow, but now completely under water. I forgot to consider where the multiple feet of snow would actually go when it melted in a matter of hours....the ground is totally saturated. I had to do my sprint intervals in the roundabout parking lot driveway of the high school. I think the janitor lady thought I was nuts. I also "christened" my shiny new white wave riders with about 4" of mud on my way to the track. I don't know what I'm going to do with them at this point - I left them on the front doorstep in hopes that the running fairy will come tonight and make them sparkly and clean for me again. How do you clean running shoes? I've never muddied them quite this bad before. I've heard mixed opinions about whether or not it's ok to wash them....I will deal with it in the morning!

I just added this photo of the last race I ran hard before getting pregnant (in hopes that it would inspire me to stick with the training regimen and hopefully overcome these little injuries that keep popping up) in hopes that I can get back to where I was speed-wise as quickly as possible. After physical therapy/chiro visit last week, I realize I have been suffering from an inflamed SI joint (sacroiliac joint) and a bit of water on the right knee cap (from ice fall on driveway about a month ago). After some sports massage (aka torture) on Thursday and a rest day on Friday, I was able to complete the long run on Saturday with minimal discomfort. My lower left back/hip area is still aggravated though and I'm getting frustrated. I really don't want to take a lot of rest time off now that I am planning to run the Carlsbad half marathon with Christy on the 20th. We'll see how things feel after today's workout.

Here's the route I've been running that is mostly snow free! There are a few icy patches and secondary residential areas that aren't plowed completely, but for the most part it's as good as it gets in Barrie in January! Gonna have to get creative as my mileage starts to increase!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pictures truly are worth a thousand words.....
the hubby snapped this one on New Years day.

Note "the stick" and tennis ball in the background above my head (my IT Band and pirioformis) therapy tools along with the baby jungle gym play thingy that he hates! It was one of those baby items I was told is a "must have" but every time I lay him down on it he revolts!

Baby is sleeping longer stretches at night now (we had a 4.5 hour stretch last night) I'm hoping this will continue...who would of thought I'd think 4 hours of sleep was a heavenly amount!