Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carlsbad Half
Go Chargers! Watch Video

January 20 - January Weekly mileage: 36.25

1/20 Sun- Carlsbad Half Marathon 13.1
1/21 Mon -rest day
1/22 Tue -4 miles easy
1/23 Wed-cross train
1/24 Thur -4 miles easy
1/25 Fri -7 miles intervals
1/26 Sat - 8.25 miles

Sunday - today was the Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon. It was a little chilly at the start, but sunny. The half marathon started with a bit of a hill climb (the entire course traverses rolling hills along the coastline in Carlsbad) so we warmed up quickly. Christy and I ran together and had a great time. We were representin' the Chargers before the big playoff game in our navy yellow skirts. We made a point to do a double fist pump along with a "woohoo" everytime someone from the crowd yelled "go chargers!". It was a great run - lots of fun!


GB said...

GREAT pics of you and Christy. Glad you had a good time!

GB said...

Did I see that finish time correctly in your video? 1:44 this soon after having your baby???? YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

cindy said...

We ran 1:43:58 and 1:43:59! It was a hilly course and I was dying, but managed to hang with Christy. She pretty much dragged me in. It was great to be back out there & I am feeling better after a week with the new trainer. Looking forward to Surf City next weekend.