Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13 - January 20 Weekly mileage: 25
1/13 Sun- Long Run 10.5 miles
1/14 Mon - Hill Repeats (chiro/physio)
1/15 Tue - Rest day
1/16 Wed- Cross Train / easy run 5.25
1/17 Thur -Treadmill Workout - Intervals 5.00
1/18 Fri - Carlsbad Marathon Expo
1/19 Sat - Keebler Marathon Mile & Carlsbad Marathon Expo - 1 mile

Saturday a.m.- Today was the Keebler Marathon Mile at Legoland in Carlsbad. We had a team of "mini skirts" little girls running the mile race in their skirt gear. This is a huge running event for kids and families. There were several different heats for each year age & the mile course ran in around and out of legoland. Christy & I pushed the boys in the strollers, and it was pretty tough! I have a whole new respect for all those moms and dads that marathon with strollers. (Of course it probably helps to be properly equipped. I was pushing the bugaboo, not a jog stroller.

Monday a.m. - woke up to about 6" of the white stuff....It's baaaaack! I will not be doing my hill repeats today. Bummer! After yesterdays long run, my quads are just as sore as they were the day after Boston Marathon. Something's just not right! I honestly thought returning marathon training after childbirth would go so much smoother. I was gun-ho & ready to join the starting line of any boston qualifier this winter.....unfortunately my hips, pelvis and legs have really been slow at joining the rest of me. As for today's hills, I think I'll save that workout for when I arrive in San Diego (temp yesterday 73 degrees).

On a optimistic note, I have arranged a consultation with a CHEK Institute Trainer (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) in Carlsbad. He has been helping Christy get her running back on track and more importantly stay injury free along the way! After my telephone consultation and initial interview with the trainer about my health, goals & current challenges, I immediately received a follow up email along with a comprehensive 7 page health questionnaire and 7 day food and sleep diary to be completed before my initial evaluation. Wow! This guy means business - I'm so excited to get his advice & assessment!

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