Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27 - February 3 Weekly mileage: 35.85
1/27 Sun- rest day
1/28 Mon - treadmill workout 7.75 miles
1/29 Tue - easy run 8 miles
1/30 Wed- strength train
1/31 Thur - 6.9 miles zones 1 & 3
2/1 Fri - Surf City Marathon Expo
2/2 Sat - Surf City Marathon Expo
Sunday - Surf City Half Marathon Huntington Beach

1 comment:

GB said...

Hey, I just found out that our running club is ordering skirts from you! Yaaay! I guess when the board members had their meeting and talked about club uniforms, a couple of the gals mentioned they had seen me in your skirts and thought they were cute. And it helped that I used the skirts on long group runs. :) Can't wait to order through the club. It'll be a new color for me.