Saturday, January 05, 2008

January 6 - January Weekly mileage: 25
1/ 6 Sun- Rest
1/ 7 Mon - Extra rest day
1/ 8 Tue - Sprint workout (6.75 miles)
1/ 9 Wed- cross train (chiroprator day) easy run
1/10Thur -Treadmill Workout - Intervals 7.25 miles
1/11 Fri - Rest
1/12 Sat - Long Run (sunday)

Tuesday - It was significantly warmer today - the snow is melting! I was hoping to jog over to the local high school track for a REAL track workout. After slogging my way through the slush and mud I arrived at the track to find it was no longer covered in snow, but now completely under water. I forgot to consider where the multiple feet of snow would actually go when it melted in a matter of hours....the ground is totally saturated. I had to do my sprint intervals in the roundabout parking lot driveway of the high school. I think the janitor lady thought I was nuts. I also "christened" my shiny new white wave riders with about 4" of mud on my way to the track. I don't know what I'm going to do with them at this point - I left them on the front doorstep in hopes that the running fairy will come tonight and make them sparkly and clean for me again. How do you clean running shoes? I've never muddied them quite this bad before. I've heard mixed opinions about whether or not it's ok to wash them....I will deal with it in the morning!

I just added this photo of the last race I ran hard before getting pregnant (in hopes that it would inspire me to stick with the training regimen and hopefully overcome these little injuries that keep popping up) in hopes that I can get back to where I was speed-wise as quickly as possible. After physical therapy/chiro visit last week, I realize I have been suffering from an inflamed SI joint (sacroiliac joint) and a bit of water on the right knee cap (from ice fall on driveway about a month ago). After some sports massage (aka torture) on Thursday and a rest day on Friday, I was able to complete the long run on Saturday with minimal discomfort. My lower left back/hip area is still aggravated though and I'm getting frustrated. I really don't want to take a lot of rest time off now that I am planning to run the Carlsbad half marathon with Christy on the 20th. We'll see how things feel after today's workout.

Here's the route I've been running that is mostly snow free! There are a few icy patches and secondary residential areas that aren't plowed completely, but for the most part it's as good as it gets in Barrie in January! Gonna have to get creative as my mileage starts to increase!

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