Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 7- October 13 (37 weeks)
10/14 Sun- Toronto International Marathon 5k (28:42)
10/15 Mon - Rest day - 2 mile walk
10/16 Tue - 3 miles run
10/17 Wed -3 miles run/walk
10/18 Thu - rest day
10/19 Fri - 4 miles walk
10/20 Sat - rest day

Here's the 37 week belly bump shot! (Double click to expand)
Baby is considered full term now!
I can feel that he is dropping a bit, there is a lot more weight on my lower abdomen/pelvic region and I can feel a bit of pulling in my lower ligaments when I walk and jog, but I'm still trying to keep up the daily workouts whether it's a few mile jog, trail hike or even just a walk. It feels good to still be active and I'm told by a lot of physicians, nurses, midwifes, etc. that my active and fitness levels will pay off in an easier delivery and quicker recovery! I hope they are right!

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GB said...

Okay Cindy, you make running pregnant look WAAAAAY to easy! Awesome video!