Sunday, December 30, 2007

Congrats to Arma on her running pregnancy and healthy birth of little boy December 8th 2007! Arma ran her way right past her due date of December 5th! Look how quickly she's bounced back.

December 30-Jan Weekly mileage: 25

12/30 Sun- 9 miles
12/31 Mon -cross train
1/ 1 Tue - rest day nursing leg/hip injury :o(
1/ 2 Wed- 45 minutes spin bike & cross training (chiro)
1/ 3 Thur - 7 miles intervals (physical therapy)
1/ 4 Fri - rest day
1/ 6 Sat -50 minutes zone 1, 20 minutes zone 2, 5 minutes cool down (9+ miles)

After my last week's long run I've developed tightness almost sciatica in my left hip/leg area. I have been forced to take a few days off from running. Going to chiropractor on Wednesday and hoping some deep tissue sports massage therapy will help get things loosened up and back in order. The countdown is on for the 1/2 marathon training run in Carslbad!

On a lighter note - here are some new pics - Baby is smiling all the time now!

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GB said...

I hope that sciatica works itself out. I'm sure it will.

Your son is too cute! Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow?

FYI, Arma's baby shares the same birthday as my little 2 year old. :)