Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 16- 22 Weekly mileage:
12/16 Sun- rest day
12/17 Mon -cross train (still a little knee pain)
12/18 Tue - travel day
12/19Wed- Home for the Holidays!
12/20 Thur - 7.5 miles Intervals
12/21 Fri - rest day
12/22 Sat - 5 miles (had to cut run short - leg pain)

I took a few extra days off since I have been having some knee pain (running in the snow or my slip & fall on the ice or a combo of both are probably the culprit). I had a post pregnancy chiropractor visit also on monday which has helped realign all the parts!

We flew down to California to surprise my family for the holidays (they didn't think we had the baby's passport and therefore wouldn't be able to make it). We dressed baby up in a little red santa suit and put him on their doorstep, rang the doorbell and then hid. My mom answered the door to the biggest surprise! Photos coming soon. Christy and her family are driving up from Southern California today - can't wait for them to get up here. I can't wait for Christy to get here so I can get in a few runs with her this week. My last 2 weeks of solo running have become a bit monotonous and lonely!

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