Thursday, November 22, 2007

November 18-24 2 weeks old!
11/18 Sun- 1 mile jog/walk (weigh in.....lost 20 pounds since baby day!)
11/19 Mon - Rest Day
11/20 Tue - 3 mile trail walk with hills
11/21 Wed- yoga/stretching
11/22 Thur - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23 Fri - easy walk
11/24 Sat - easy walk
Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our precious son! He is a blessing to our family!
He is growing like a champ already! Mommy is recovering well and cannot wait to get clearance to start running again. (Doctor said only yoga and walking for now and that I could start jogging again at 4 weeks post partem). I did try a quick 1 mile jog on Sunday, but It was too soon and didn't quite feel right. The Doctor recommends a longer healing time for the pelvic floor so as to avoid any long term or permanent damage of the bladder, etc. He scared me into waiting a while longer! I am looking forward to stepping up the fitness program and starting my marathon training asap!

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GB said...

Hi Cindy, so glad to hear you're all getting settled. I'm glad you listened to your body when you attempted a run. Childbirth does some strange things to us, but you WILL be back to your old self in no time...and probably a helluva lot stronger and faster! For now, just ease into it like your doc says. Enjoy!