Sunday, November 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to me!
Christmas came early this year. Came home from a friend's baby shower and look what was waiting in the basement for me!?! We decided to go for the home gym since the littlest member of the family presents a bit of a challenge right now, not to mention the 6" of snow and ice outside make training a little rough!

November 25-30 weeks old! Weekly mileage: 20 miles (treadmill)

11/25 Sun- 2 mile jog/walk treadmill, 10 minute cycle (lost 21 pounds to date)
11/26 Mon - 20 minutes hills treadmill, 20 minute spin bike, cross train
11/27 Tue -2 mile jog/walk treadmil, 20 minutes spin bike, cross train
11/28 Wed-30 minutes hill walk treadmill, 30 minutes spin bike, cross train
11/29 Thur -1 mile hills, 3 miles jog treadmill, cross train
11/30 Fri -rest day
12/1 Sat -Woke up to -24 wind chill temp - too chilly to take baby out for santa shuffle, so I shuffled out a 10k on the treadmill.

Broke in the treadmill and spin bike today! It felt good to jog slowly - I put in a couple slow miles alternating walks in between. Everything feels pretty good! This will help get off those extra baby pounds quicker!

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GB said...

That is so cool! I still have not invested in a home gym, but probably will soon. Especially the treadmill.

You look awesome. You don't even look like you just had a baby!