Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OK Ladies & fellow running mummies, here's some inspiration for you!
My sister has been babbling some nonsense about a girl she has seen running by the san diego office each day in a running skirt pushing a triple jogger. Christy told me she runs every day without fail with all three of her kids. I have heard of other people sighting this phantom wonder mom...she's just been somewhat of a urban legend to me. Until Now!

A few weeks ago, I was I was taking my new jog stroller out for a test drive up the coast (to see if I put it together properly). I was huffing and puffing and grumbling under my breath about how much work it was pushing my little chubby monkey along with me. I stop at a stoplight and look up and what do I see? The legend herself in person - triple jogger, pinkypink running skirt, three adorable kiddies in triple jogger crusing right along.

I greeted her with a hello and vocalized my adoration for her commitement and told her she was inspiration for us all. As I continued my jog I remembered that I had my new blackberry with me in the jogger so I stopped and grabbed it out quickly while I waited for the super mommy to run by. I stopped her and asked her a little more about her training and running with the not single, not double, BUT TRIPLE jog stroller and snapped a few pics. Her name is Alicia and she runs every morning without fail at least 3 miles. She said she has never run without her kids and was actually training for a full marathon until she discovered that there weren't any local marathons that would let her run with her jogging stroller. (I know this is probably a liability thing, but surely there must be local running events that allow jog strollers - why cant they start in the back?). She mentioned that her husband works the graveyard shift, so she takes the kids out each day for her runs. When I asked her if she ever runs without them, she quickly responded "NO, I never run without them!". Wow- I thought - imagine how speedy Alicia would be in a race sans jogger. I again gave her my kudos and accolades at being such an inspiration and let her continue her run (apparently if the kiddies are all on their best behavior, mommy stops at the park).

As I finished my own run, I silently reprimanded myself for being such a grumbly single jog stroller mommy and reminded myself that it was a way to continue getting in mileage and fresh air and also sharing my love for fitness & running with son. With visions of Alicia and triple jogger in my head, I reminded myself "it could be worse!...er um I mean better!".

Alicia - you are a super star running skirts mom - keep it up! If by chance you read this, please tell us how you do it?


Lindsey said...

Unbelievable!! I hit a mental wall at about 2 miles with my little one and thank God that I only have a few more left. Needless to say, I've only done the jogging stroller run twice. I couldn't imagine doing that every day and looking forward to it. She's incredible!

GB said...

That is awesome! Definitely an inspiration. Thanks for posting about her. :)

alkeith said...

Happy to find another mom who enjoys running with her children. I too run with a triple stroller occasionally and one in a front pack. When you are a mom to four kids under four years old you get very creative to get your running in. There are races that let you push strollers in Vancouver, WA. I did the La Camas run with my four kids. It was a blast! Keep up the good work!

http://www.myepevents.com/ to check out pictures...I'm easy to spot. I'm the only with all the kids. :)

Run Mommy said...

I loved this story! I ran with one for quite a while and I can't imagine pushing three!