Saturday, November 22, 2008

One week after NYC Marathon, Christy & I met up again in Dallas for The Running Event.

The Running Event is great event for all running companies and specialty running store owners to meet up. All the new running products and apparel are showcased and retailers can place orders for the upcoming seasons. In addition to the running conference and expo, there is also the Hall of Fame dinner (where running superstars are recognized) and the 50 Best Store Awards banquet. There were also organized runs scheduled for each morning, one of which was an actual 5k race "The Indie 5k". It was a great time meeting all the specialty running store owners and other vendors who all share the same passion of running!

Now about the 5k race. We weren't sure what to expect just days after NYC Marathon (and my Marine Corps marathon the week prior). I figured a speedy 5k wouldn't be too much of a problem since, if nothing else, it would be over quickly. We joined the "running group" who planned to jog to the race start line instead of taking the shuttle bus there. It gave us a cool quick glimpse of downtown Dallas - we even ran by "The Grassy Knoll" where JFK was shot. On the way to the hotel we ran past the place where JFK was shot. Our jog leader pointed out the 6th floor of the Book Repository where the gunman was located.

During the warmup, Christy and I both remarked on how heavy we were breathing for those slow easy miles to the start line. Uh-Oh, it wasn't looking too good already. We toed the line with other running company owners (all looking quite speedy), even Bart Yasso came out to run the Indie 5k. When the gun went off, so did we - looking quite speedy in our new Cheetah running skirts - what a great racing outfit! Unfortunately, it was merely an illusion, even the cheetah skirt couldn't help our tired legs. After the first mile, I realized that a PR was not going to happen today. (I have to get back the family record that I just lost to Christy's hubby Dave - he beat my 18:36 and now holds the new family record of 18:25 since the Light the Night 5k in San Diego a few weeks ago.) Before my first mile signal on the Garmin I felt like I was going blazing fast - at least a 5:30 mile or so, but when the garmin beeped I looked down and was shocked to only see a 6:06 first mile. My legs were feeling heavy and just slow after my back to back marathons, it's definitely time to rest and rebuild! My 2nd was 6:32 (I stopped for water!) and last mile was 6:13 for a 19:29 finish. Christy came in shortly thereafter. It was a great workout as any 5k and I was glad it was over.

Photo of the little guy in front of the The Book Repository Building across from the Grassy Knoll where JFK was shot.

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Glorybelle said...

Man, Dave is getting fast! But you can reclaim the family record. I know you can do it! And sub 20:00 is awesome... I have yet to crack that barrier.

I'm so excited... I used my paypal gift cert. and bought the hot pink/cheetah skirt. Can't wait to get it!!! I'll probably get the TNT purple/cheetah print, too.

I just need to start running again!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & Christy and your families! :-)