Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's official! We have both registered for Boston Marathon 2009. Now that it's January -oops - almost February - it's time to get back into the marathon training. All the fun stuff that has been long gone....but not forgotten ( Yasso 800s, mile repeats and hill workouts!) For some of us (Christy) it's gonna be a bit easier to carry on with training in mild San Diego temperatures. Others of us (me) are faced with running in insane sub zero temperatures & freezing slippery surfaces Ugh! Luckily, I've talked my sister in law Val into registering also and Arma's been on board ever since she qualified in Columbus in the fall.

Val and I have been making the drive down to the indoor track at York University to work with coach Ken each week and test drive all the new spring running skirts. It's about a 45 minute drive (just to run - I know - crazy but true). We have been doing most of our other mid-week mileage on the treadmill. As for the long runs...aye aye aye - there lies the challenge! It's either pound away outside in -35c temperatures (why is it always 10 degrees colder on the weekends anyway?) or plod along on a treadmill (snore). I cannot tell you how much I miss our trail runs or even running on any surface that isn't coated with the icy white stuff.

Something I am enjoying is the countdown of days until Christy & family travel up for a visit to the great white north. Finally, she will get to experience training in my winter wonderland (don't worry I'll post photos). Actually - it is really beautiful up here once you learn to embrace the winter and when you have proper warm clothing. Speaking of embracing the winter - I am trying something new this evening: Snowshoeing! I'm actually really looking forward to it. Did you read the article about the snowshoe race in colorado in Runner's World - it sounds like a blast. They even make "running snowshoes" now - I've already added them to my Christmas list for next year. I've heard cross-country skiing is how a lot of triathletes up here keep their cardio conditioning through the winter. I have yet to try that also, but it's on my "embracing the winter list" .

This weekend is the Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon event - be sure to stop by our booth and say hi if your running. Hopefully it will better weather than the torrential downpour on race day last year. Good luck & Happy Running!

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Alisa said...

You are going to love snowshoeing! I'm not much of winter person or winter sports person BUT I LOVE snowshoeing. It's like hiking in the snow! I did read that RW article...crazy peeps trying to run in!

Woo-hooo for Boston!!!!! Maybe someday....sigh...if I run for charity =). If my hubby ever qualifies I'd try to run for charity.

Enjoy your winter wonderland. It snowed here about an inch yesterday...for P-town that's a lot. Brrrr....