Saturday, February 28, 2009

We took a quick trip back home to Northern California to visit the fam this week & most importantly visit our father who has been quite ill and recently admitted to the hospital. After seeing his grandchildren (Christy's 3 and my boy) all running around his hospital room tearing things apart, he had a quick recovery - or at least feigned one so that he was released to go home to continue his recuperation and enjoy the company of his visiting family.

It was beautiful there - the first thing I noticed was how green everything was. It was raining quite a bit during our visit, but the temperatures were quite mild compared to what we are used to. Christy and I got in a run along the rail trail near my parents home. It was great to be out in the running skirts (without the tights, mittens, tuke, etc.). My little guy was thrilled to walk in Grandma & Grandpas garden and see the birds in the trees. His favorite activity was picking oranges out of the trees so that Grandma could make him fresh squeezed orange juice. Now after living in Canada for 3+ years, I am starting to miss the simple pleasures that we took for granted living walking out and picking a fresh orange off the tree...yum!

It was a quick trip to California and unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to hook up with my old running friends from Sacramento and the fleet feet racing team. I was hoping to maybe get in my favorite runs around lake Natomas or along the American River Trail too. Next time!

We are back in the "north pole" as I fondly refer to it. It's almost March 1st and it's -29 below outside. I have my first official run of the season tomorrow in Burlington, Ontario - it's called the Chilly Half Marathon (wonder where they came up with the name?). I'm running with Arma and Val as a training run so it should be good times. I did 30 minutes easy on the treadmill this morning to loosen up the joints after 2 days off and lots of air travel. I always tell everyone that I can't wait until my son can run with me and that I hope he inherited my passion for running. Well, my dream came true (sort of) today, as he went for his first treadmill "run" with mommy.
Check out the pics (oh - yeah - check out our new orange running skirt coming for spring).

On his baby treadmill (he has to push to make his belt go)

Stretching with mommy

Daddy was getting jealous and wanted to realize a dream of his own!

playing "hock" with Daddy

It's never to early to involve your children in fitness and sports, right?

Will have a run report from the Chilly Half Marathon and some new icicle face photos for you all after tomorrow. Next week we will be in Orlando for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I'm so excited! This will be my first race of the season - in a cute little princess skirt too! I can't decide which one I want to race in....probably Cindy Blue (cinder-elly) or maybe Snow-Belle yellow (since I'm a brunette). They are all super cute - gotta love the princess "bling" sparkly tiara on the front.

See you at DisneyWorld!


Anonymous said...

Those are such great pics with your little one! You have set a great example! The orange skirt is very cute! Sorry to hear about your dad and I hope he gets better very soon!

Alisa said...

Glad your Dad is on the mend.

Cute orange skirt! I will be needing something new for San Diego. Though after running in the Cheetah, I'm not sure I can run in anything else =).

I have a feeling I will be Sac a lot this summer with my family, if we're ever there at the same time we should totally meet up. My hubsand and I always run on the American River Trail when we're there.

Lizzie said...

He is SO cute!! You're looking in good shape for Boston! Glad your dad is feeling better.

Glorybelle said...

Hi gals! I'm so glad your dad is better and that you enjoyed your trip "home" to Sac. I love the princess skirts! I might have to order one in yellow.

Where did you get that cute little treadmill? I need to buy one for our youngest son. He'd LOVE it!

I hope all is well!!!

Marlene said...

I spotted you at the Chilly Half! Dang, at the time I wasn't sure if it was you so I was too chicken to say hello. (I was volunteering in chip removal.)

Can't wait to hear how it went.

Love your skirts, btw!