Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 16 - March 22 Weekly mileage:22
3/16 Sun- Rest Day
3/17 Mon - treadmill run 7.5 miles
3/18 Tue - strength train
3/19 Wed - 7.5 miles
3/20 Thur -strength train
3/21 Fri - 7 miles 6x800 (yassos)
3/22 Sat - strength train


GB said...

Hey! Super cute outfit. Are you selling that color now? I'm trying to decide which colors to wear for Boston. Green and white looks great, but I'm contemplating red, white and blue for Patriot's Day. Decisions, decisions.

cindy said...

Nope - that is vintage runningskirts grass sky! You should wear the red & white polka dot "minidot" skirt with a royal blue top! Or our rubysnow is awesome too - it stands out in the crowd! How's training going?