Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy, Christy & Madi!

Wow - what a crazy fun-filled week! It's a family tradition to spend our birthdays together every year (Christy's daughter Madison shares our birthday too). Our birthday just happens to fall during the week of the America's Finest City Half Marathon also. The birthday theme for 9 year old Marathon Madison this year was "Rockin' Dance Party!"

Imagine 20 8-9 year old little girls rockin out and dancing their hearts out to ABBA and the latest Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers tunes. Highlights of the evening included the "So you think you can dance-off contest", the macarena dance, freeze dance, the limbo and of course - ice cream cake! Birthday girl Madison even entertained all the guests with an enthusiastic solo performance or two. (I wish I had some video footage - so adorable!). By far the highlight of the whole night though hands down was when 4 year old Avi jumped on the "stage", grabbed the mike from the DJ and announced "I just want to say that this is the BEST DANCE PARTY EVER!!!!!!". Hysterical! Sing it with me "Oh, what a night!".

Now, onto the AFC report coming soon.


Alisa said...

Aww what an awesome pic of you guys. Loved the race report on the AFC Half too.

I ran the SD Rock n Roll, it was a blast!

GB said...

Happy Birthday, Cindy and Christy!!! Sorry I missed it. Looks like you had a great time. I love the picture!