Thursday, August 07, 2008

While not as big as Muskoka Rocks, these two beauties might as well have been 2 geological wonders by all the ruckus they have caused.

Finally - they emerge! I have been waiting for these suckers to finally break through baby's swollen red gums all week. The poor little guy has had a fever for days and has been oh so grouchy. To think I complained about getting up with him 2x a night. During this momentous top teeth cutting week - we topped out at 8-10 soothing, lullaby singing, feeding sessions during the wee hours of the night. Coffee has been my friend this week!

Thankfully, now that they are out, he is back to his happy go lucky self and sleeping a little better again. I have to say, that I never took into consideration sleep deprivation when orchestrating my grand race plan for this year. I thought once the baby was out of the womb and I have daycare or hubby care covered, the training would be smooth sailing. HA!

Photo from Muskoka Rocks race this weekend. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day up in cottage country. This is a great event that benefits Camp Oochigeas. The race is very well organized and perfect for the whole family. There's a 5k, 10k and 1k kids course, refreshments, and even a live band at the finish.

Val and I toed the line for the 10k, not sure what to expect as we have heard over and over that it's a "challenging" course. The 10k course was definitely the most challenging I've ever run...very hilly, but the beautiful scenery and lake views made up for the pain of the hills. I was still feeling some soreness in my hamstrings from my last strength training workout, so I didn't really push the pace and just held my pace at a moderate effort. I pretty much ignored the garmin and ran on feel. Here are my splits: 6:26, 6:38, 6:41, 7:15, 7:06, & 6;34.
16  4685 cindy lynch    42:04 LF35-39    2/22      6  4:13   42:01
23 4801 Val Gates 43:21 LF30-34 2/16 7 4:20 43:18
Check out the race kit for Muskoka Rocks - one of the best I've seen in a while for a fairly small event....Race event flyers, spa coupon, salon coupon, lipstick, hair products, goody hair elastics, potato chips, m&ms, bottled water, locally made bbq sauce, sweat towel, toothpaste sample and magnet from


GB said...

Yaaaaay! His teeth have sprung! You're good to go (until the next set grow in). ;) Seriously though, it varied with each tooth. Sometimes my kids were soooooo cranky, and other times it's like you didn't even know they were cutting teeth.

Way to go on that hilly 10K, to both you and Val. Studs! Can't wait to meet you in person, Cindy! I met Val (in Boston) and Christy so it's high time we met. :)

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