Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring running season is finally here! Its been a whirlwind the last few weeks since we kicked off our spring race season at the disney princess half marathon (our first east coast expo). Next stop is the shamrock marathon.

We really enjoy working the expos together when we can, but lately with different schedules on different coasts and in different countries (not to mention different kiddie schedules to boot!), we have been opting to divide and conquer so that we can literally be in 2 places at once. We'd love to add more events as our travel schedules permit, so keep the suggestions coming. Its so much fun to meet all the runners and share your in the excitement and passion for running. I met a woman at disney expo that shared with us she had just taken a pregnancy test that morning and it was positive! She hadn't even shared the surprise with her hubby yet! As mommies ourselves, we love meeting all the other mommies and little future runners. You running mommies are all an inspiration and reminder of why we love our business so much.

I am looking forward to introducing my little guy to the sport of running this weekend at the shamrock marathon. There is a kids run - I think its something like 26.2 yards.
He will be sporting his "mommy runs faster than daddy" onesie and his super white new new balance trainers. Photos to come. I made the hubby promise to capture it all on camera since mommy will be workin the expo when the "diaper dash" goes off. Christy's 3 kids have all taken to the sport so I'm hoping mine will as all. I always joke with friends and say "running isn't optional" In our family. All joking aside, we both believe as parents it is our job to introduce our children to a healthy lifestyle and multiple sports and support them as they take an interest.

Boston is less than 5 weeks away now and we are also at the peak of our training. Training is going ok, but I just don't have that "baby juice" as Arma refers to it. Baby juice was that extra burst of energy or second wind that used to come mid workout or midrace last spring/summer. The weekend of the princess half, I was scheduled to run a 21 miler. - opted to race the half instead and postpone the long run the following week.

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