Thursday, May 08, 2008

This weekend was a family race weekend with Union Tribune Kids Magic Mile Race for Literacy on Saturday and the 8k race on Sunday. The race was a lot of fun and Ronald McDonald, Rolly the Newspaper and our favorite race announcer Rudy were there cheering on all the kids. Sadly, or maybe its a good thing, our kids had absolutely no idea who the orange haired guy was. They did run their little

hearts out though...Hudson cruised in the stroller until the last 20 meters then he sprinted in and stopped right in front of the finish line like a deer in headlights. The race announcer was calling out his name and Ronald McDonald was there and it was all too much. He stopped a foot short of the finish line and just started crying. Avalon ran the entire mile...there were a few tears along the way but "She Did It!!!". They got awesome medals and books at the finish and ate their weight in Tiger Milk Bars.

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