Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Team "RunningSkirts.com" Cindy, Arma & Val

Today was the HBC Run for Canada event(s) across the country. Team Running Skirts was out at the Toronto Waterfront event in full red & white glory. We were lucky to get a wonderful sunny day.

Here are my splits:
mile 1 6:22
mile 2 6:30
mile 3 6:34
5k time 19:26
mile 4 6:32
mile 5 6:31
mile 6 6:12
finish 39:51:06

Our "speedy skirt" Josiane won the 10k event, I came in 3rd woman and Val was 6th woman. We were awarded with HBC Gift Cards - woohoo! $1000 for Josiane, $100 for me & $25 for Val. Let's go shopping! For those American readers, HBC stands for Hudson Bay Company or "The Bay" similar to "Macy's" department store in the US. I think this was the first race that I've ever won prize money. I've run for a team before that won team money rewards before, but never been lucky to be handed a check myself. It's pretty cool!


GB said...

Oh my goodness you are so fast!!! I want your 10K time! Why do I have a feeling that's NOT a PR for you and that you're actually a lot faster?

Didn't Arma recently have a baby too? You both look like you did before kids... even better!

Great job on the 10K.

On another note: THANK YOU for the package you sent. I got it today and I LOVE both skirts. LOVE 'em and can't wait to wear them. Thank you & Christy so much!!! I put your postcard up on our fridge. :)

RoadBunner said...

Congratulations! All of you are so speedy!