Sunday, July 20, 2008

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Kincardine for the Womens Tri there. For those of you who've never been, Kincardine is a beautiful little town on the shores of Lake Huron. This all women event is a very well organized triathlon event and I highly recommend it to any ladies in Ontario that are thinking about trying a tri. There are competitors of all levels in the race...from the first-timer to ironman/world competition athletes. We were blessed with a rain free day this was a little iffy at first as the swim was delayed due to fog over the lake preventing the view of the buoy.

I loved watching all the participants cross the finish line - especially the 78 year old....that's what I want to be doing when I'm 78 - thank you for the inspiration. Wow!

As for my training program - I have realized my fall marathon is quickly approaching and I need to start looking at building my distance in my training program. That, and I read Gloribelle's blog and wow - the mileage she is already doing! (You are my inspiration....have I mentioned that I tried to do handstand pushups? it wasn't pretty btw - talk about headrush) So, I downloaded a training program (ok I'm saying it out loud's official) for a 3:10-3:15 marathon and what to my surprise do I see??? my long run last weekend should have already been up to 16 miles. uh-oh. Reality has set in. The longest run I have done since having the baby is the half marathons I've been running after working the expos. There's a big gap between 13.1 and 16 miles in a week. So- I gave it a go on Sunday and managed to get in 15 miles nice and easy. I don't know if it's my tired legs from the races, or the humidity up here, but my legs felt so heavy and stiff. At about mile 14, I was seriously contemplating my decision for the fall marathon (maybe I should stick to halfs?). Of course I'm going through with it - God willing - after all, I even talked Christy, Val and my long lost running buddy Teresa into it too. I am altering the schedule slightly - it has us running mileage every day, but I know that I do better with a rest day or two tucked between the long run and speed work day. I am joining a local gym this week also - one with a great daycare so that I have NO excuse to not get in my strength training. I have found post baby with all the recent weight loss, I have lost a lot of muscle and strength. I am quite sore after harder workouts still and I think with a little strengthening and more muscle mass - this will correct itself. Here's Hoping!


GB said...

I forgot... which fall marathon are you doing?
You are SO strong right now, Cindy. With your leg speed already intact, the added mileage will help you FLY in that marathon. I see you closer to 3:00 than 3:10!

Aren't those hand stand push ups something? Trust me, I still struggle to get a 90-degree angle in the elbows when I do them... and I am FAR from getting my nose to the ground. Forget it! Ain't gonna happen. But keep at it because your body will respond and you will surprise yourself when you can do a bunch of them.

And about that inspiration thing... YOU are very inspiring to me! Woman, if I could have your 10K time right now, I'd give you my mileage! :)

Lindsey said...

WOW, thank you for coming by my page--my husband doesn't thank you :-) I ran in to wake him up this morning because I was SO excited!

I love reading your blog and am REALLY looking forward to purchasing my first Running Skirt for my FIRST Boston qualifier in December. Its my carrot on a stick for those days (and sometimes two a days) that aren't easy.

You guys are truly an inspiration! Thank you thank you thank you!

brooks beast said...

thanks for this sharing this!I really like your blog, now I wanna have that running skirts! :)