Monday, July 14, 2008

Nissan 10 Miler & 5k event - Distillery District Toronto, Canada Running Series
(Our "speedy" skirt Josiane is so fast, she had time to go to the car and change before we finished!)

After running the half marathon in Calgary with the rolling hills course & altitude, my legs were feeling pretty heavy last week. I had a workout with Val and coach Ken on Thursday - some form and hill work, a rest day on Friday, and then a 40 minute easy run on the waterfront trail on Saturday. I'd never run a 10 mile race distance before and wasn't too sure on how to pace it, what shoes to wear for the 10 mile race, etc. Since my average pace for the half marathon was 6:55 miles, I thought I could probably manage at list 6:45 splits for the 10 mile distance, especially since it was supposed to be a fairly flat course. The only challenge would be the heat and humidity of the Toronto waterfront. After my rest day and easy run on Saturday, I took an ice bath to help flush the legs. I woke up yesterday feeling pretty fresh and energetic, so I decided to try out my Brooks Racer ST3s for the 10 mile race. I have worn them for a few track workouts, but never raced in them. I also have the Brooks T5 racers which are really super light - I wore those for the Canada Day 10k. The ST3's have a bit of a post in them and offer more support & Brooks advertises them great for distances of 5k races up to the full marathon.

It was overcast and slightly raining as we toed the starting line. Team was represented by our "speedy" skirt Josiane Aboungono, Val Gates, Arma Afsar and myself sporting the new aquatreuse Running Skirts, aqua strappy tops and chartreuse performance tank tops. The course had a few gradual inclines, mostly road and a little gravel terrain and a footbridge to cross. There was some headwinds around the Leslie Spit area and again on the return back to the distillery district. Here are my splits: 6:21, 6:30, 6:38, 6:49, 6:37, 6:35, 6:29, 6:29, 6:43, & 6:41.

Team RunningSkirts rocked the race - see the results below:

Overall Female-10 Miler Run Awards-Top 6 receive awards

Place Time      Number Lname        
===== ========= ====== ===========
3 1:02:28.7 1136 PATTEN,BECKY
4 1:03:02.0 1243 ROBINSON,SEANNA
5 1:04:56.2 1599 YAREMCZUK,NATASHA
6 1:06:01. 895 LYNCH, CINDY
7 1:06:50.2 444 DORRI,SEPANTA
8 1:07:03.4 143 AUGAITIS,RASA
9 1:07:21.6 35 BOULTBEE,APRIL
10 1:08:10.7 848 LESNOWSKI,SUZANNE

Val Claiming her victory prize money

Women 30 - 34 - 10 Miler Run
Place Time Number Lname
===== ========= ====== =======
1 1:08:40.01042 MORRISVANESSA
2 1:09:48.61725 GATES,VAL
3 1:11:36.11283 SARA,ZIPPIN
4 1:13:53.1111 ALDANA,KELLY
5 1:14:29.21594 WOODWARD,YAEL

Women 35 - 39 - 10 Miler Run

Place Time Number Lname
===== ========= ====== =========
1 1:06:50.2 444 DORRI, SEPANTA
2 1:07:21.6 35 BOULTBEE, APRIL
3 1:08:10.7 848 LESNOWSKI, SUZANNE
4 1:13:52.0 34 BOULTBEE, MELANIE
5 1:14:27.1 1648 AFSAR, ARMA

Little Buddies - We had a nice post-race bbq at Arma & Andrews place. For those of you who don't remember, Arma is my friend who I ran with during our pregnancies.
We ran several 5k and 10k races throughout our pregnancies and we both continued running within weeks of our deliveries. She had her baby boy about one month after mine.
Here's a few pic's of the two little ones from yesterday. Hard to believe my baby is 8 months old now & Arma's baby boy is 7 months old.


GB said...

Cindy, you are so fast! Congratulations on yet another super fast race! I really hope to be as fast as you after getting coached through this summer and fall.

Your babies look related! So, so cute!

Toronto real estate agent said...

Amazing how fast a woman can be. Well done, Cindy! I'm a woman too so I know how every little victory is important for us. I work as a Toronto realtor nearby Waterfront and as I sit in my office almost the whole day I like to get out once in a while (always when my job allows me) and do long distance runs across the block and mostly within the Waterfront. I'm quite confident about my physical condition but compared to you, I'm not that sure. To get back on topic, keep it up and improve yourself every time possible. :)