Friday, April 23, 2010

Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge 50% complete

FREE Compression socks this weekend - with purchase of $100 or more!
Great for recovery! Compression = happy muscles & legs

Boston Marathon Completed! Recovery underway!
We finished in 3:30 as challenge: finishing the 2010 Big Sur Marathon which will also finish our Boston2BigSur Challenge.

26.2 miles of up & down challenging course in Boston........check!
We are half way done with the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge and headed to Big Sur on some really tired & sore legs. (can't remember legs being this sore from Boston last year....the 3 days of expo legs standing on the hard cement floors of the convention center took it's toll). Boston was amazing, but we both had cramping in the last few miles - it was a struggle at minimum!

We actually emailed Dean Karnazes to see if he could give us some tips on recover! Ice baths, Arnica and compression socks....done, done and done. Still having a hard time walking and bending down to collect things that alwasy seem to drop on the floor after a marathon.

Big Sur is allegedly one "gnarly" course - hillier than Boston. What on earth were we thinking. Our plan is to simply finish - cross the finish line in one format or, walk, crawl...even considered pushing each other in a BOB Jogging Stroller (too bad no strollers allowed).

Off to the expo - swing by and say Hello and let us know if you have any tips for speedy marathon recovery - 48 hours till the gun goes off!

Speaking of recovery - we are running a special at this weekend - FREE Swift Sox Compression Socks with any purchase of $100.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GOOD LUCK!! I left you both a High Five and Thank you on my Blog today. I got my Running Capri skirt in time and will most likely wear it in my Marathon next weekend..

I hope that it has some of your speedy vibes as I am aiming to Qualify for Boston!!

the dawn said...

Congrats on being half way done!

What form of Arnica did Dean recommend? Gel, cream, tablets, oil? This is the first I've heard of it, but I am very intrigued...