Sunday, April 04, 2010

Boston to Big Sur Challenge

Last weekend Christy and I managed to hobble through 15 of our planned 20+ miler in preparation for Boston! Sadly enough, are both battling injuries right now (Cindy has strained plantar in the left foot and Christy has pain behind her right knee) and have been sidelined from our scheduled speedwork and hill work in prep for 2010 Boston Marathon. We decided to pull the plug on our last long run sunday when we reached 15 miles since we were both in pain at that point and didn't want to risk further injury.

As if our premarathon confidence wasn't already a bit on the low end, what did we get in the mail this week? A beautiful white technical long sleeve tee reminding us of the Boston to Big Sur Challenge that we had registered for months ago. At the time it seems like a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the Big Sur Marathon (voted one of the 3 best marathons in America by Runners World magazine!) I guess I should say "we" registered....Christy found about this grand idea in a roundabout way (a registration confirmation email courtesy of me-oops!).

(Photo of the long sleeve tech shirts that arrived in the mail this week.)

Needless to say, when I opened the package to find the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge shirt, I felt a little queasy. With Boston less than 3 weeks away and now battling annoying injuries, the challenge is really living up to its name. Our biggest challenge now is getting healthy and recovered enough to finish boston and toe the line at Big Sur.

Have any of you run Big Sur yet? I hear it is a hilly beast of one amazingly gorgeous course! BTW Running Skirts will be at the 2010 Boston Marathon expo so be sure to swing by the booth and say hello & check our our new surf gold boston color running skirt gear!

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trijules said...

Hi Cindy, Chrisie and all --
We hope you recover from your injuries so that you can experience the beauty of Big Sur. Yes, it does have hills (check out the elevation chart under "Course Info" on the website). BUT it's all doable. Sounds like you've been training alot. We hope the shirts inspire (and heal) you so that we can see you crossing the finish line in your Running Skirts on April 25.
Julie @ bsim